Funny Pictures

Here is our funny pictures page. Some are edited, some aren’t… enjoy!

I don’t think the Apple Care protection plan will work for this one…

Anyone can do that… *Says it in a jealous tone*

Since when did Snow22019 become Sensei?

I wonder where Snow22019 will land…

Turns out he landed at the Ski Village… and he also broke his leg…

He also lost his boombox, which was very valuable to him.

Sadly, Snow22019 has no idea on where he is.

Really?! The Dojo?! I sure hope Snow22019 knows what his penguin name is.

I guess I’m wrong…

SnowT112 is really greedy…

(Part 1) Someone has anger issues…

(Part 2) It looks like someone needs to go back to kindergarden…

I can’t believe that he thought that he would fit in there, but at least the puffle is smart.

How does he do that?

I’m very, very sorry to tell you this SnowT112, but it looks like your end is near.

Why’d they have to put the coffee table so far out?

Didn’t you ever take swim lessons?

For a 780 day old penguin, he’s not very smart.

Why would they put the Coins for Change bucket so high up?

I wonder if that penguin nearby would help him… Nah, probably not.

Doesn’t he know that the ski lift never stops going?

Two words: NOT SMART.

SnowT112’s test penguin is mean!

That’s why we don’t stand in front of moving objects, SnowT112…

Snow is VERY clumsy sometimes…

Funny pictures will be added often, so be sure to check back soon!

~The Club Penguin Air team


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