Privacy Policy

(Our policy was last updated on 21AUG13.)

For the safety and privacy that both you and I deserve, I’m going to review Club Penguin Air’s privacy policy with you today. is a WordPress hosted website. Automattic (Parent company of WordPress) displays basic visiter information. While visiting today, Automattic does keep track of your IP (Internet Protocol) address. Although this IP address can be used to specifically locate & identify people, I WILL NOT EVER use your IP address to identify you for the fun of it, or to disclose your location and other personal information to other users on the internet to get “revenge” or to just play around.


I may have to track your IP address if you’re interacting with other users in a harsh/vulgar way. I also will track your IP if you’re personally threatening me or any other user on this website in any way/shape/form.

If you’re a regular website visitor, then you have nothing to worry about! I won’t even worry about your IP at all, unless I need to, as stated above.

Also take notice:

IP Addresses contain personal information, such as your home address, and a phone number. Because this poses as a potential threat to other users that may be looking to harm another user, your IP address can ONLY BE OBTAINED by a master administrator, which is me, SnowT112. I’m the only one that can find it; even a regular administrator on Club Penguin Air has no way to track your IP.

Thanks for taking the time to check out the Club Penguin Air Privacy Policy page. We know that the safety of our users is top priority, therefore we’re glad that you took the time to read this. I do encourage that you check back on this page every two to three weeks, as minor/major changes to this page are being made every once and a while.

Copyright ©2010-2015 All images are rightfully owned by Club Penguin Air and Club Penguin. Club Penguin Air is in no way affiliated with Club Penguin.


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