Here is a page full of cheats. Here are some REAL CHEATS that you can do on Club Penguin. None of these cheats will ban you.

No Penguin Name cheat:

– Go to any room.

– Waddle down to the chat bar as far as possible.

Here’s what it will look like:

Stand in pathways cheat: 

Start waddling to any pathway in any room.

– Quickly open up your postcards folder.

– Wait at least five seconds.

– Close your postcards folder.

Penguin Surfing cheat:

-Go to the Cove.

-Look into the binoculars.

– Wait 10-20 seconds.

Stand in water cheat:

– Go to the Ice burg.

– Waddle over in front of the Aqua Grabber.

Invisible penguin cheat:

– Go to the Ice Rink

– Go to the bottom right corner of the ice rink

Other ways of making your penguin invisible is to put on any of these three ninja suits and wave.

Regular Ninja costume (Consists of the Ninja outfit, the ninja mask and the Cloud Wave Bracers):

Fire Ninja Costume (Flame Sandals, Magma Coat, Lava Mask, Fiery Helmet, and your amulet):

Water Ninja Costume (Wave Sandals, Waterfall coat, Torrent Mask, Helmet of Oceans and your amulet):

Be sure to check back, more cheats will be added over time! (If you have any cheats that you would like to submit to me, please e-mail me at If we like your glitch and/ or cheat, it will be added to this page within a week.)


Last updated on: August 24, 2013


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