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Here, you can easily add your blog to the blogroll below. All you have to do is leave a comment with your website, and that’s all – within 48 hours, your blog will appear on this page!

You can also advertise your website in the comments. However, please don’t comment more than 3 times a week with your ads.


  1. Penguin Incorporated – Official Partner of Club Penguin Air:

5 thoughts on “Advertise / Blogroll

  1. Hey! I recently looked at your website and I was like “WOW”, your website is fantastic and ACTIVE!!! It is such a great website. I will put you on our blogroll for sure, but can you do us a HUGE favor and put us on your blogroll? My website is, but you can list it as Pirate CP Cheats and link it to my website.
    Thanks SO much,
    Ryanec1 (owner of


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