Club Penguin Times Issue #491

The latest edition of the Club Penguin Times has been released! This week’s edition is full of information that has to do with Puffles.

PH explains the new Puffle tricks that you can perform with your Puffles on the front cover:


In the second article, PH gives us information about becoming a Puffle guide.


Lastly, here are the upcoming events:


That’s about it for this week’s edition of the Club Penguin Times! Be sure to leave us a comment telling us what you think of this week’s edition.

~SnowT112, Club Penguin Air Administrator


Yes, I’m back… I think. We’ll see how long I stay this time, I guess. :)


Club Penguin Times Issue #409

This week, the newspaper features everything & everything that has to do with the now online Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam, and Cadence does a good job of explaining it all. In the main article, Cadence talks about how the Summer Jam has started, and that it’s the party of the century. She says that the party offers a little bit to everyone; including motorbike races! The Dock, according to Cadence, is the perfect place to go hit the ocean and surf a few waves. Also recommended is Big Mommas at the Snow Forts, where you can chill out and relax with friends while enjoying a smoothie.



In Cadence’s second article, she says that her, Brady, and McKenzie all perform at Big Momma’s every half hour or so. She encourages us to swing by after we’re done surfing, racing, or jamming out. Members can even meet the trio backstage and get a chance to friend & get their signed, autographed background!cpt3

Lastly, a list of upcoming events is posted for us. Have a look:cpt4

September 12: Like Sheep Costumes? Want to get lost in la-la land? Fairy Fables comes to the Stage!
September 5: Postcards – Say hi to a new friend with an old postcard!
September 5: Penguin Style – Hit the books with the latest back-to-school must-haves.

Other than the usual questions comics, etc., that’s it for this edition of the Club Penguin Times! Do you think that Cadence did a nice job of covering everything about the Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam, or could she have done better? Comment below with your answers!

~SnowT112, Club Penguin Air Administrator