Club Penguin Times Issue ‘104449’

Club Penguin Times Issue ‘104449’.

This week, Club Penguin has released the weekly issue of the Club Penguin Times. As with last week’s issue, the Club Penguin Times has been re-styled for the Future Party. The main article this week is on the Protobot. Gary says that we might finally have a chance to defeat the Protobot if we act quickly.


The second article explains that we can go back and visit the ‘past’, to see how penguins used to live back in 2014.


Lastly, the upcoming events are at the bottom of the newspaper:


  • June 3 – Time Portal Closes
  • June 12 – New Furniture and Igloo catalog
  • June 12 – A new pin will be hidden on the island

I really like how Club Penguin restyled the Club Penguin Times for the Future Party – they even did the little details, such has listing this issue “104449″ and putting “May 29, 4014″ as the year. Hopefully, Club Penguin will continue this trend for all future parties on the island – even the small details like this make the party all the better. Do you like how the Club Penguin Times is styled for the Future Party, or do you prefer the regular version? Additionally, are you enjoying the Future Party? Drop a comment below with your thoughts!

~SnowT112, PenguinIncorporated Co-Owner