CPA BREAKING: Club Penguin Air Announcements…


Club Penguin Air’s founder/owner/administrator has announced that Club Penguin Air will be making a summer comeback! As per my schedule, the tentative “re-opening” of Club Penguin Air is scheduled for 25JUNE13 (June 25, 2013)!

School has just ended for me (SnowT112/ThisisSnowy), and therefore no longer have the stress of doing hours of work every night! I haven’t lost any of my skills, as school has kept me plenty busy typing up multi-page reports. ;)

Effective on 25JUNE13 (June 25, 2013), Club Penguin Air will officially be starting back up. I’m not starting it back up next week, because I’ll be in Las Vegas (Nevada, USA) for a week on vacation! ;)

I’ll probably have more information soon, don’t worry. Talk to you all soon, and thanks a lot for coming to Club Penguin Air for your latest Club Penguin Cheats!

~ThisisSnowy, Club Penguin Air Administrator / Founder