Update – 22 February 2013 (Important message)

Hey penguins,

I haven’t tweeted on here in FOREVER. I’ve been really busy for the past few months. Which, by the way, makes me realise that my last post, Club Penguin Air is Coming Back, was back in early September… That was back when school started, which honestly feels like a few years ago – school slows you down, eh?

So, I’ll give you a little rundown of what’s been going on with me lately, since I haven’t talked to you guys in a while. September and October were easily the two most annoying months of school that I’ve had (I have school from late August to early June on a yearly basis). Even though I didn’t change schools or anything, my school has tons of students – theres like 200-250 kids in my grade alone – so, I was once again meeting many more people that I hadn’t ever met. Luckily, most of the people I’ve met this year are pretty nice (and wacky, haha). Thats a start, I suppose. Sadly, one of my teachers easily makes up for that, because he/she loves giving homework. I have three pages of math alone for homework this weekend (x_x)… Family wise, everything’s been (mostly) ok, other than the occasional fight with my brothers, but that’s how life is when you have siblings, eh? Also, my brother just had surgery last Friday, but he’s recovering well, thank goodness (Don’t even bother asking why he had surgery, as that’s personal information and I won’t reply to you if you ask). There’s also lots of stuff going on outside of school, too…

Sorry for boring you with all of that info. But, if you’re not in touch with anyone for a few months, normally you’d tell them how they’re doing and how you are now, right?


I’m again thinking about blogging here on CPA once again. I really do love blogging, but it’s rather time consuming to blog. I’m really considering it, though. HOWEVER: please don’t expect me to post immediately after Club Penguin releases their batch of updates Wednesday night. At the earliest, I’ll post Thursday afternoon after school. On some occasions, I may not be able to post until Friday afternoon, or the weekend.

It may to take a few weeks, if not up to a month before the website is ready to release, and to be honest, it most likely won’t open until late March or early April – it depends on school and my schedule outside of school.

I do plan on making this the #1 source for your Club Penguin Cheats, as well as giveaways, guides, and more! When all is set and done, CPA will be restored to it’s former glory. Thanks for reading my verrryyyy long post. Talk to you guys soon!



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